IT Security Services

IT Security

At PCR, we have over 20 years’ experience providing IT support for businesses in London and the South East. As part of this service, we have been delivering IT security services and protecting businesses from the rising threat of cyber-attacks, such as viruses, ransomware and spam.

Over the last year, cyber security incidents have cost UK firms £34.1bn and small businesses are not immune. The cost of an IT security breach can be devastating, not only in terms of damage to your systems, but also potential data loss and reputational harm. With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, protecting your systems has never been more important.

At PCR, we adopt a holistic approach to IT security, employing a range of products and services to offer maximum protection. This includes proactively managing your systems through regular patch updates, ensuring you have an effective firewall and delivering virus and ransomware protection through Trend Micro™. We also recommend Mimecast’s email security and targeted threat protection services.

Together with our selected partners, PCR are currently protecting hundreds of users, providing them with peace of mind and uninterrupted use of their IT systems.

For a practical guide on how to protect your systems, read our IT Good Practice: Security Checklist.

IT security

Router & Firewall Protection

Your router is the gateway, and thus gatekeeper to your network and often the primary target for attack. We recommend the powerful range of products delivered by Draytek to allow you to exploit the full potential of the internet safely and securely.

    Virus and Ransomware Protection

    We recommend the services delivered by Trend Micro Worry Free™ Business Security

      to give your business the best possible protection from data loss, viruses and rasomware. The benefits of Trend Micro include:

      • Identifies and blocks new and emerging threats before they impact your business
      • Virus scans run in the background so your computers are unaffected
      • Blocks access to non-work related web sites (such as Facebook and Twitter), using URL filtering.
      • Central management for quick verification that all devices are up to date
      • Protects without affecting your performance or speed
      • Stops viruses, spyware, and other web threats before they reach your business
      • Prevents spam messages reaching your network with cloud based Anti-Spam protection
      • Scans your emails for threats within your internal Microsoft Exchange Mail Store

    Email Protection

    Protect your business with comprehensive, multi-layered email security and content controls. We recommend the services of Mimecast Secure Email Gateway to deliver sophisticated, multi-layered detection to protect email data and employees from malware, spam, phishing, and targeted attacks 100% from the cloud.
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