Pegasus Business Cloud

Pegasus Business cloud

Pegasus Business Cloud facilitates a new way of deploying the award-winning Opera 3 accounting system across any business IT network with increased flexibility and functionality. This cloud solution allows you to adapt to the changing nature of technology in an ever increasingly ‘mobile’ world.

The benefits of a cloud environment are well documented: flexibility, security, no hardware maintenance, low cost of ownership and access from any location at any time. With Pegasus Business Cloud, you can access all the benefits of Opera 3 for a monthly fee with no up-front costs.

Our team of fully accredited specialists offer full support with the implementation and operation of Pegasus Business Cloud. As a long-standing reseller and accredited Pegasus partner, we are proud to support this cloud solution.

We’re currently offering a three month free trial to allow prospective customers to test out the environment and see how it fulfills their business needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

The Benefits of Pegasus Business Cloud

  • Increases mobility

    Cloud-based applications and data can be accessed from any location and at any time, giving you greater scalability and scope to accommodate multiple sites and remote workers. Various devices can also be used.
  • Eliminates hardware

    As an entirely online software solution, Pegasus Business Cloud removes the need for bulky on-site servers. Data and applications can be hosted on remote ISO 27001 UK-based data centres rented on a cost-effective monthly basis.
  • Improves cashflow

    Cloud computing allows companies to treat IT costs more tax-efficiently as capital expenditure rather than operational expenditure. Payments can also be spread over an affordable monthly basis, helping to reduce overheads.
  • Integrates seamlessly

    Pegasus Business Cloud is compatible with a host of associated business software packages, including Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365, allowing you to retain your existing systems while improving efficiency. Microsoft Office 2013 is also bundled as standard, with Word, Excel, and Outlook running for you in the cloud.
  • Support from a trusted Pegasus partner

    As a fully certified Pegasus partner in London, PCR will provide comprehensive support and training on the system and all associated packages including Opera 3.
  • Secure and safe

    All data and applications are fully secure and protected from outside attacks. Full backups are kept at a second remote data centre, allowing easy disaster recovery and giving you peace of mind.