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Cloud Security: Why the Cloud may actually be safer


IT security servicesFor many businesses, Cloud computing is the future. For others, there is still some reluctance to adopt Cloud solutions. Concerns over Cloud security are often a reason for this. Whilst it is understandable for businesses to want to protect their data given the rise in security breaches, in reality moving to the Cloud may be safer.

No major Cloud provider has fallen victim to recent malware attacks and we explain why.

Proactive Monitoring and Management

Using the public cloud means you are less likely to suffer a security breach. Sophisticated layers of Cloud security act as a deterrent for most attacks. Proactive monitoring by Cloud providers and automatic application of patches means vulnerabilities can quickly be identified and resolved. Few businesses have the internal resources to do this.

Advanced Security Levels

Cloud technologies invest heavily in security tools such as physical protection, advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, automatic backup, identity and access management controls. They also undertake regular testing and auditing of their infrastructure to ensure complete visibility. Few businesses have the budget to match this level of investment.

Devolving Responsibility to Security Experts

Moving to a reputable Cloud provider allows you to place your company’s IT security in the hands of experts. This negates the need to employ an in-house security expert which may be unaffordable, and instead shifts the burden of responsibility onto the Cloud provider.

Continuous Investment in Security Developments

Cloud service providers understand the value customers place on security and invest heavily in research and development.  Major vendors continue to develop and implement increasingly sophisticated layers of security.


While no system is perfect for defending against cyber-crimes, Cloud providers have a vested interest in developing robust security levels. This may seem counter-intuitive to those who equate hands-on control with effective control, but it simply isn’t true. No solution, whether physical or cloud, can guarantee that a breach will never occur. The challenge is to control access and identify vulnerabilities as early as possible. With larger resources and better expertise, Cloud providers seem better placed to do this.


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