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How technology helped with Veganuary


So in December 2018 my sister-in-law asked if I would join her in Veganuary for the month of January 2019. My initial response was NO! Why would I want to give up all the nice foods that I like to eat for a plant-based diet?

However, as December went by and on Christmas Day I found myself cooking a Vegan Macaroni Pie for two family members, I began to think I could set myself this challenge!

The start of my vegan journey

Looking back at the start of my vegan experience, I realise how difficult it would have been without the everyday technology we take for granted.

Firstly, I set up a WhatsApp group called “Vegan-uary Club”. There were six of us who took part and I knew the moral support would be invaluable. This way we could all share ideas and see what Vegan foods were out there to be enjoyed.

Vegan 100 BookIn addition, to prepare for my new challenge I watched a lot of YouTube videos. To my surprise, there were so many people who live on a plant-based diet! I found a few YouTubers who really caught my eye with their culinary skills and variety of ingredients, notably Gaz Oakley and Rachel Ama. For me, the most important thing in cooking is flavour, so it was great to find so many Vegan Chefs out there.

Finally, to help me along the journey, I ordered a Vegan recipe book from Amazon. This was delivered straight to my Kindle. Before I knew it, I was scanning the book for meals I could make and hopefully enjoy. Vegan 100 caught my eye because of the rustic style of cooking which made it realistic for me to reproduce. Whilst the list of ingredients was long, I knew it would give me the flavours I was looking for.

An array of Veganuary dishes

With all the resources at my disposal, I was able to enjoy a large selection of vegan dishes. The meals were going down a treat and I really embraced being a Vegan. I also took pictures of all my food creations and shared them on our “Vegan-uary Club”.

Veganuary dishes

It was going so well we organised a Vegan Feast at one of our houses whereby we all cooked a dish each. The food was so good it all went and there were no take away boxes!!

Final thoughts

In all honesty, now Veganuary is over I ask myself the question – could I be a Vegan for life? The answer is NO as I like chocolate too much!! However, could I do this challenge again? The answer is YES, as 31 days is not a life-time to test yourself.

Having completed this challenge I am more conscious of what I eat. I also liked the fact all the information was so readily available. This is the beauty of the world we live in today…Technology at our fingertips makes life so much easier!

Author: Michelle Morant, Accounts Assistant

Michelle joined PCR over 12 years ago and is an invaluable member of the team. She is responsible for raising contracts and dealing with all financial matters.


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