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Top 5 tips to increase productivity with IT


Productivity with ITDo you ever feel your technology is holding you back? Is your business doing as well as it could?

In recent months, we’ve heard a lot about the risks and threats of technology with rising ransomware and cyber-attacks. This however often overshadows the benefits of technology, particularly in terms of productivity, and subsequently profitability and competitive advantage.

In this email, we highlight 5 of the key ways technology can help increase your business productivity.


1.  Up-to-date hardware and software:

Up-to-date technology maximises the potential of your systems. In contrast, dated hardware can be too slow to run the latest software, whilst dated and unsupported software can be vulnerable to security attack and compatibility issues. Moreover, older hardware is less reliable, more likely to break down and offers reduced functionality, limiting productivity. On average, you should replace your PCs every 4-6 years and your servers every 3-7 years. Click here for important end of support dates 

2. Improved accessibility and flexibility through the Cloud:cloud-solutions

By investing in Cloud software, your employees can access company data anytime, anywhere. This therefore increases flexibility, improves customer responsiveness and reduces downtime. Migrating to the Cloud can be a phased process, firstly with your emails, then your flat file data and finally your back-office apps. Read about the benefits of moving to the Cloud

3. Better collaboration and reduced travel with video conferencing:

An effective video conferencing solution reduces the expense and time of travelling, increasing employee productivity. Skype for Business is a particularly cost effective solution which starts from £1.30 per user per month. It allows you to hold online meetings and share screens whilst integrating with Office. Contact us to find out more 

4. Virtualisation:guide to Virtualization Essentials

Virtualisation enables multiple operating systems and applications to run on one physical  server, optimising your asset utilisation. A virtualised infrastructure can reduce the complexity of your environment, lower hardware maintenance costs and reduce time spent on routine admin tasks. According to a VMware survey, 73% of SMBs that implemented virtualisation reported IT productivity gains. Access your guide to Virtualization Essentials

5. Data integration:

In today’s complex data landscape, ensuring your data is connected and accessible across applications is essential. This reduces the time employees spend looking for information, improves decision making and increases productivity. Scribe Software is a flexible and cost-effective data integration solution that improves customer service and revenue. Read more about Scribe Software


In conclusion, there are many ways to increase business productivity with IT. The above list however provides an initial overview. If you would like to discuss your technology and business processes in detail, please get in touch.


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