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Mimecast Summer Promotion


Buy Internal Email Protect and get Secure Messaging for free (35% saving): 

Mimecast have recently launched their latest summer promotions. These include offering Secure Messaging services for free with the purchase of Internal Email Protect, delivering a 35% saving. This offer is open to all new customers or upgrade orders for small businesses with up to 99 seats.

Securing your email content can help meet GDPR requirements, so make the most of these offers before they expire on 28th September 2018.

Internal Email Protect

While most email-borne attacks start from outside your organisation, attackers will often look to land and expand inside your organisation. Using a compromised account or remote access malware, they will send an internal email to spread the attack laterally to others in your organisation or even outbound to external contacts.

To combat internal email threats, you need to inspect internally generated emails for malicious links, files, or for sensitive content, and prevent the spread of attacks or data leaks. Mimecast’s Internal Email Protect enables you to monitor, detect and remediate threats that have landed internally or that originate from within your email system. It includes the scanning of attachments and URLs for malware and malicious links as well as content filtering enforced by Data Leak Prevention (DLP) services.

Secure Messaging

Certain communications or files are so sensitive that delivering them via email using the public internet is unacceptable. Asking employees to learn another application and forcing them to switch between systems may be costly and impractical. What organizations need is a secure messaging service which is built directly into their email system.

Mimecast’s Secure Messaging Service provides a user-friendly, secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive information via email. It supports governance and compliance while removing the complexity and pain of traditional email encryption.


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