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Pegasus Opera Payroll & HR

Pegasus Opera Payroll is an HMRC Gold Standard payroll solution that processes 14 million records in the UK. 1 in 20 employees are paid using this solution. Pegasus Opera Payroll is available as a standalone application or integrates with Pegasus Opera 3 Financials.

The solution is updated every year to ensure that your payroll software meets the annual legislative changes that affect employee pay. In this way, the software is fully compliant with RTI reporting. It is also Auto Enrolment ready, with pre-prepared functionality to support pension contributions with NEST and NOW pensions.

Pegasus Opera Payroll provides customers with a flexible solution where additional functionality can be added as and when needed. An example of the flexibility of the solution is the Payroll Self Service capability which enables employees to remotely access personal data, holiday entitlement, payslips and P60’s.


Benefits of Pegasus Opera Payroll & HR:
  • P11D organiser for submission of benefit returns
  • Remote access for employees to access personal data (if required)
  • RTI compliant solution
  • Auto Enrolment ready
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Integration with pension providers
  • Email payslips and P60s for increased efficiency
Pegasus Payroll and HR

Key Features of Pegasus Opera Payroll

Auto Enrolment

Opera 3 Payroll ensures that your requirements for auto enrolment are met as standard. Additional functionality enables direct integration with NEST Pensions and NOW Pensions so that information and contributions can be sent electronically to either pension provider.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice occurs where an employee gives up a proportion of their salary in return for additional non-cash benefits such as childcare vouchers, travel allowances, pension contributions and others. Pegasus Opera 3 payroll provides the capability to manage an employee’s salary sacrifice scheme, where information is printed on Payslips, and pension contributions recorded within the employee history.

Email payslips and P60s

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll enables the automatic email of payslips and P60’s direct to the employee’s inbox as standard functionality This helps to reduce administrative costs of printing and potentially posting payslips and P60’s thereby saving both time and money.

Online Filing

Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll helps you to submit your Annual Returns and PAYE in-year returns efficiently and conveniently through automating the filing process. The information already held In Payroll is used, so there is no need to manually retrieve and prepare forms for submission to HMRC, which is then sent electronically to HMRC.

P11D Organiser

Pegasus P11D Organiser assists with the automatic filing of expenses and benefits forms to HMRC. The Organiser provides the functionality to prepare and calculate all employee expenses and benefits, to ensure accurate and timely payroll calculations, and HMRC submission.

Opera Payroll & HR Datasheet

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PCR has over 25 years experience implementing and supporting the Pegasus range of software systems. Our expert knowledge of Pegasus provides our customers with the confidence that we are a partner they can trust.

Our Pegasus Opera support offers guaranteed response times, demonstrating our desire to resolve issues quickly. We provide unlimited telephone support, giving you access to our experienced team for expert technical assistance and advice. As your business needs change, we also offer advice and consultancy to help our customers understand the most appropriate way to meet their new requirements.


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