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Is your payroll software up to scratch?


A good payroll system can save you time, money and stress. Growing employer duties with auto-enrolment and salary sacrifice mean that a comprehensive payroll system has never been more important.

The award-winning Opera Payroll & HR software from Pegasus is used to pay 1 in 20 employees in the UK.

Top reasons to consider Pegasus Payroll:

  1. Auto-enrolment: Changes to workplace pension law mean employers must enrol their employees onto a pension scheme and contribute towards it. Opera Payroll simplifies and automates many of the processes involved in auto enrolment, linking with most major pension schemes to allow communication and electronic contributions. If you have yet to set up auto-enrolment, find your staging date here.
  2. HMRC PAYE Recognition: Opera Payroll caters for the submission of Real Time Information (RTI) to HMRC, including Full Payment Submission (FPS) required for each pay period. The Online Filing Manager enables quick and effortless electronic RTI submissions via the Government Gateway, adhering to HMRC specifications.
  3. Email Payslips & P60s: Automatically email payslips and P60s directly to employees, saving time and reducing printing and administrative costs.
  4. Payroll Self Service: With Pegasus Web Xchange, employees can access Payroll Self Service through a web browser. This gives them remote access to personal data, holiday entitlement and payslips, enabling your HR department to work more efficiently.
  5. P11D Organiser: This expenses management system assists with the automatic filing of employee expenses to HMRC. The P11D Organiser prepares and calculates all employee expenses and benefits, ensuring accurate and timely payroll calculations.
  6. Document Management: Store documents electronically and securely for instant access to your data and to comply with employer legal requirements of auto-enrolment.
  7. Excel reporting: Extract employee data into Excel with Pegasus XRL for analysis and identification of employee categories, for subsequent communication with them.

If you’re considering changing payroll software, doing so before the new tax year is a good idea. You may even be entitled to a 25% trade-in discount. Get in touch for more information or to discuss your requirements.




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Josie Sullivan Leroy Reid & Co

Very helpful in supplying the system required with very little down time. Personable and professional in guiding us along the right path. Nothing is too much for them.

David Halloway Southern Testing

Support with a sense of fun!

Carmel Clarke Kingswood Controls

Professional and extremely helpful. PCR will go above and beyond to resolve any IT problems that you may have.

Max Somper Metamark

PCR are very much on the same page as ourselves. They're very flexible, pragmatic about response, efficient, and they've always been the best choice for us as a business.

Keith Faulkner Brainwaves Books

Over the years, I've seen PCR grow and develop, but their attitude and customer service has never altered. The quality of their service remains constant.

Alex Arscott Richard Russell Panels

A good honest company we've dealt with since the year dot.

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