Pegasus Mobile Sales

Pegasus Mobile Sales

Pegasus Mobile Sales is the ideal solution for companies with sales people on the road. The newly released app allows employees to connect with Pegasus Opera 3 from a mobile device, enabling them to view customer accounts, showcase products, check stock levels and place orders whilst on the go.

With Pegasus Mobile Sales, the turnaround time between a customer placing an order and that order being processed is significantly reduced. This improves delivery and invoicing times which leads to improved cashflow. Access to accurate stock levels, special customer discounts and general account information results in better customer service and ultimately more sales.

The app connects via Pegasus Web Xchange which provides a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go: anytime, anywhere. Users can log into Pegasus Web Xchange from a range of mobile devices through Pegasus apps or supported web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari for iOS.

Key Features of Pegasus Mobile Sales

  • Access customer accounts to check credit limits, payment history, outstanding invoices, due dates and previous orders
  • Check stock levels and product pricing
  • Apply special customer price lists and discounts
  • Specify realistic delivery dates
  • Upload sales orders from mobile device to Opera 3


Pegasus Mobile Sales is the ideal solution for companies with sales people on the road, helping you to secure more sales by saving time and improving customer service.

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* If you are not currently running the latest Opera software, read why you should upgrade your business to Opera 3.

The Benefits of Pegasus Mobile Sales

Enhances customer service

Setting customer expectations of delivery dates face to face and discussing special promotions or pricing whilst placing the order improves customer experience and encourages loyalty.

Reduces Errors

The app contains predefined fields which make the process of data entry simple and error-free. This is especially true when customers have special price lists or different delivery addresses. The fact information comes directly from the back office system virtually eliminates the possibility of errors and their repercussions.

Keeps everyone informed

The sales person can access up-to-date information on stock levels and customer accounts. If there is ever an issue, it can be dealt with before placing the order, enhancing the customer relationship.

Improves decision making

Management have access to up-to-date information on orders placed without having to contact the sales team.

Saves times and money

The sales cycle is considerably reduced from order to despatch resulting in greater efficiency gains and consequently more sales. Once an order is placed, there is no more related admin for the sales person which means they can continue planning and visiting more customers.


Client Testimonials


Josie Sullivan Leroy Reid & Co

Very helpful in supplying the system required with very little down time. Personable and professional in guiding us along the right path. Nothing is too much for them.

David Halloway Southern Testing

Support with a sense of fun!

Carmel Clarke Kingswood Controls

Professional and extremely helpful. PCR will go above and beyond to resolve any IT problems that you may have.

Max Somper Metamark

PCR are very much on the same page as ourselves. They're very flexible, pragmatic about response, efficient, and they've always been the best choice for us as a business.

Keith Faulkner Brainwaves Books

Over the years, I've seen PCR grow and develop, but their attitude and customer service has never altered. The quality of their service remains constant.

Alex Arscott Richard Russell Panels

A good honest company we've dealt with since the year dot.

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