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Rebrand of Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365


On 1st November, Microsoft Dynamics CRM evolved into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Aside from the name change, what does this really mean for users?

dynamics-365-crmWith this release, Microsoft brought together all its Dynamics products under a single offering known as Dynamics 365. The rebrand saw the evolution of:

  • AX to Dynamics 365 Operations
  • NAV to Dynamics 365 Finance
  • CRM to 5 individual Dynamics 365 apps; Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation and Marketing

The resulting solution is one whereby customers can pick and choose the apps they need. They can access them via one portal and ensure they work seamlessly together. In addition, integration between these apps and Office 365 means users can connect business processes using familiar tools such as Outlook, Word and Excel.

Benefits of Dynamics 365

More specifically, the new release offers the following benefits;

  • Simplified licensing: The four licensing layers of Dynamics CRM Online are replaced with just two, FULL users and LIGHT users.
  • Flexibility of apps: Split into role specific apps, you can buy the apps your business needs now and add others as your business grows.
  • More data storage: Double default Cloud storage to 10 GB compared to Dynamics CRM Online.
  • Sandbox included as standard: Every subscriber will have access to their own testing environment at no additional cost.
  • Team Member Licences: A new low cost option to give more people in your organisation access to sales, marketing and service functions. These team members may not have previously had access to Dynamics CRM. Team Member licences provide ‘light touch’ access across all apps.
  • Voice of the Customer Surveys: These are included as standard so that you can create and personalise surveys to gain feedback.

With Dynamics 365, you can work more effectively and service your customers better. Moreover, as a Cloud solution, you can do this from any location, at any time.

How Dynamics 365 affects existing CRM customers

From 1st November, all new customer registrations will be activated as the rebranded product. Importantly however, how does this affect existing CRM users?

Updating to Dynamics 365 is an easy and flexible process. It will present minimal disruption to your business. Furthermore, customers can choose when to update and test integrations and processes before they update.

Whilst some Dynamics 365 benefits will be available immediately to existing Dynamics CRM Online customers, most changes won’t happen until expiry of existing agreements. From this point, services will subsequently migrate to the new product.

The transition process for existing customers:

  • Dynamics CRM Online: customers will seamlessly transition via the Customer Driven Update (CDU) process. This will be scheduled from December 2016.  (see update policy).
  • Dynamics CRM on-premises: customers can move at any time, once the update is available in December 2016 (see update policy).

Microsoft will continue to support existing versions of Dynamics CRM according to their support lifecycle policy.

As of 31 October 2016, Dynamics CRM Online customers qualify for special transition pricing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps and Plan 1.

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