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Release of Opera 3 SQL SE


Opera 3 SQL SE LogoPegasus has recently unveiled its latest edition to the Opera 3 family with the release of Opera 3 SQL SE. Built on the latest Microsoft technologies, it provides the familiar look and feel of the current Opera 3, with the power, security and reliability of a SQL server database.

Technical Details

Opera 3 SQL SE is the first phase in the evolution of Opera 3, away from its current 32-bit Visual FoxPro background to a client server application based on the latest 64-bit technologies using Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server.

Based on Microsoft’s best practice for modern client server applications, Opera 3 SQL SE will support your business well into the future.

How can Opera 3 SQL SE benefit your Business?

Opera 3 SQL relies on a SQL database that takes full advantage of modern technology. This offers numerous benefits to your business, including:

  • Improved integration and data exporting: Extracting data from the current Opera 3 system can be difficult as Visual FoxPro databases are not common. The new SQL database is an industry standard, making it easier to integrate with other products. Extracting SQL data into Excel is achievable in a matter of minutes. Moreover, it can be easily linked to Microsoft Power BI which is growing in popularity for reporting.
  • Scheduled services for more efficient working: Previous versions of Opera lock users out of the system whilst running re-organisation routines. The use of “scheduled services” however means this is no longer the case. Tasks can be scheduled outside working hours so as to avoid any disruption to normal business flow.
  • Business continuity: Pegasus SQL is an upgrade to Pegasus Opera 3, thereby replacing the existing product. For those familiar with Opera 3; SQL SE has a similar look and feel, making it an easy transition. Similarly, bespoke routines, integrations and existing data can be transported across. There is no need to re-key data or set up lengthy export/import routines as would otherwise be the case if migrating to a new software package.
  • No data size limits: The original FoxPro database imposes data size restrictions of 2GB per file. This forces customers to either archive their data or reorganise it into a manageable size. In contrast, the new SQL server has no data limits, eliminating this issue.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Opera 3 SQL SE builds upon the most powerful components of Opera 3 and Microsoft’s industry-leading database technology. This is designed to make managing your business simpler, more efficient and secure.

For more information on upgrading your accounting software to Opera 3 SQL SE, please get in touch.


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