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Benefits of upgrading to Pegasus Opera 3


upgrade-to-pegasus-opera3As Opera II approaches end of life, we’ve made it a top priority to help you understand the importance of upgrading to Pegasus Opera 3.

Firstly, Pegasus has confirmed that Opera II will not be supported on future Windows server releases, for example Windows Server 2016. In addition, Opera II will not be compliant with Making Tax Digital. This comes into force in April and affects all businesses with a turnover above £85,000. Opera II is unable to offer the functionality required for electronic VAT submissions and therefore businesses still using it will not be MTD compliant. We strongly suggest reviewing your software and upgrade options as soon as possible.

In order to make your decision easier, we’ve outlined the numerous benefits of upgrading to Opera 3 below.

Business benefits of upgrading to Opera 3

  • MTD compliance: this is a mandatory requirement which cannot be ignored. That is to say, HMRC will issue hefty fines to businesses who fail to submit their VAT returns correctly. Unlike with Opera II, Pegasus has confirmed that Opera 3 will be MTD compliant. You will be able to submit your quarterly returns seamlessly with built-in HMRC integration. For more technical details, read our guide on the Functional Changes to Opera 3 for MTD Compliance.
  • Reduced risk: running unsupported software presents a number of security and operational risks. However, by upgrading your software, you will protect your business from such risks.
  • Up-to-date Payroll: Opera II Payroll will not be updated in 2019. Consequently, if you wish to continue using Payroll services, you will need to upgrade your software to take into account the legislative changes in the next financial year.
  • Minimise disruption: upgrading to Opera 3 is a seamless transition with little downtime or training. Most importantly, this means virtually no interruption to your business!

Technical benefits of upgrading to Opera 3

  • Windows Server: Opera II will not be tested on server operating systems later than Server 2012. If you are planning to upgrade to Windows Server 2016, Opera II will be unsupported.
  • Access to SQL Server Edition: Pegasus recently released Opera 3 SQL SE. Built on the latest Microsoft technologies, it provides the familiar look and feel of the current Opera 3, with the power, security and reliability of a SQL server database. Pegasus is providing this software free of charge to all Opera 3 customers.
  • Cloud Version: Opera 3 is available as a Cloud solution with Pegasus Business Cloud. Upgrading to Opera 3 on a subscription model could cost you as little as £39 per user per month. Moreover, this option provides better availability and flexibility, with minimal upfront purchase costs.

Functional benefits of upgrading to Opera 3

  • Better reporting: export over 60 reports to Excel for improved analysis and data manipulation.
  • Open period accounting: post to the current, previous and up to three future financial years for added flexibility.
  • Mobile-enabled: view payslips and P60s with Payroll Self Service through Pegasus Web Xchange. Your sales team can also place orders on the road with Mobile Sales.
  • Improved security and backup: store your data in the Cloud with automatic Cloud backups to reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Task scheduling: save time by scheduling tasks to be completed automatically every month. Allocate your time better by preparing processes ahead of time and scheduling them to be completed.
  • Added features: Credit Management, error correction in the Ledgers, salary sacrifice functionality, enhanced user interface, and much more!

In conclusion, upgrading to Opera 3 makes good business sense. Running unsupported software is not best practice as it brings security and operational risks. Moreover, upgrading to Opera 3 ensures MTD compliance and future proofs your business.

Just as importantly, PCR will manage the whole upgrade process for you. We will deliver a seamless experience without interruption, costly data migration or downtime.


If you missed our ‘Why upgrade to Pegasus Opera 3’ webinar, watch the video or simply get in touch.

Why Upgrade to Pegasus Opera 3


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